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Fire Alarm System

It consists of Fire Alarm Panel, Smoke Detector, Heat-Detectors, Fire Alarm Cable … It is broadly acknowledged for its execution and long administration life. … The security fire alarm is an alarm system designed to detect fires.

A fire alarm system involves much more than just the horns, bells, and strobe lights that grab your attention when the alarm activates. The inner workings must also be in place to ensure an effective, code-compliant fire alarm installation.

Our fire protection company in the Mid-South uses the latest computer-aided drawing (CAD) software to customize every system we install. This ensures maximum effectiveness based on your building’s unique features and floor plan.



  • Control panels: We test the power source, interface, fuses, primary power supply, and transponders to ensure they function properly.
  • System devices: The microprocessor-based inspection equipment we use to test sensors and detectors make it possible to adjust your system to meet any environmental demands.
  • Pull stations: We check that each manual pull station is functioning properly so attentive building occupants can trigger the alarm in an emergency.
  • Horns and strobes: Our technicians ensure your auditory and visual devices are functional and up to date with the latest codes.
    In addition to these in-person fire alarm inspections, we also test monitored systems daily to ensure the signal between your alarm and the monitoring station is strong and reliable. If a disruption is detected, our fire protection company will dispatch a technician to troubleshoot the problem at your location.

While code-compliant installation and routine inspections help reduce the chance of system malfunctions, problems do still occur occasionally. If you experience repeat false alarms, power problems, broken or vandalized equipment, device compatibility issues, or unreliable performance, contact our fire protection company for 24/7 fire alarm repair.
We provide maintenance and support for all the components of your system, including the control panel, pull stations, horns and strobes, and fire detection devices.